My World

Being talkative during friend meetings
was my characteristic
Until I started to move myself apart from them
I think too much to myself in the dark
The more I think, the more I am lost
Every time they ask, what is wrong with you?
I say I don't want to know
I listen to the kind of news they don't know
They never think about the world the way I do
Even though my poem does not change the world,
My bad actions can effect millions of people
Watch and listen, the world's news today is painful
Shooting millions of innocent families
Families carrying their bleeding, innocent child
Kids are watching their families dying
The sun goes down and they don't know where to go
For these kids their home is in the dark forest
? ? ? ? ? ?
while they are looking for a way out

Encourage the little ones to not be afraid to stand at the front of the line
They are between two open mouths with fire
Then their adult future action comes
Causing millions of children to be homeless
Hey, isn't it a crazy situation?
Smiling faces and shaking hands saying
We will do this and that
You may think I am crazy
But this reality of life for millions of kids and adults
Who lost their childhood

by Sahra Hussein

Comments (2)

very nice poem, beautiful thoughts and easy but melodious language. please read my poems and give your comment.
To be talkative is not bad but the topics chosen, place and time really carries the meaning.. I am talkative yet those don't know me they complain against me of not being talkative..when you watch TV NEWS gathering cloud is so heavy to rain that you rain giving pain..talkativeness is good but meddling is bad..I don't pock my nose that is of thumb length..nice poem good very good 10