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My World

Some people say i live in my own world

and their right....so what?

There's Magic here

there's no frogs, only princes

there's more stars in the night sky

When you breathe in the air it taste sweet, like sugar

the clouds are made of cotton candy and sometimes they fall out of the sky

for your to eat

if you believe anything can happen

you can fly or be invisible or super fast

There's no dark clouds becuase when it rains

you dont run from it you dance in it.....you kiss in it

there is happiness here

no pain or confusion or hate

there's fairy's and nice dragons

robots and mermaids

i know your thinkin she's thinking up fairy tales

but the thing is i'm not

this is the world in my head

if it was a fairy tale i wouldnt have to come back to this place

one day i'll meet my prince in this world

and he'll make this place in my head real out here

until then i'll kiss frogs, in hopes of my prince

and i'll make my own magic

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