(03/16/90 / Seoul)

My World

My world is black,
Black of darkness,
I lost all dreams and hopes,
People say I am crazy,
I say they’re crazy,
My world always has been black since I was eleven,
Taking me back from that past of regrets,
Always have been regretting on a lot of things,
If I had a chance to be happy again I would go back to the past to change very few things,
I don’t want to hear it anymore what others has to say,
My world is shade of black,
My pain won’t stop hurting,
My tears won’t stop dropping,
My sorrow won’t end,
I can’t bare it anymore,
Someday soon my world will crumble down,
Till then I’ll be waiting to be free from my sorrows.

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Till then I 'll be waiting to be free from my sorrow.you are free mam. Look at the bounty of nature plz. Nicely crafted poem
Gohsts haunt us all. Demons well up inside to be slain by itheir arch enemy. A moment to reflect on the great destroyer and the one that takes life, the one that creates, the one that builds, but perhaps it is all is folly in the passage of time, but then time is also our greatest doctor and people who have it and listen are the greatest consollers.
Move out of Texas darling come to Amsterdam Holland you'll be just fine hahahahahah CHeer up babes sorry 'punker babes' Love dave xxx