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My World
JP (10/03/92 / Hadley)

My World

A poets heart is filled with so many untold memorys that i dont know where to even start
My mind and heart races as i know that my story begins
from a abused child, to a brand new kind of friend
fend for ones self for i know that this is true
one cant hide from what belongs to you
no one is able to run from the past
the futrue is comeing near
dont close your eyes if you know that you have fears
when can a poets heart be empty adn anlone
when their story is over and they need a place to call home
my story takes me to a place that is not my own
even the life that i have is borrowed cus on not promies tomorrow
odd but in the end it is true
one starts to die the day that they are born
and thats the day that i have to wonder can i ever be free
from this world until the end i am controled
bound by god power to with hold
the things thta i need the most only he can give
and somedays in my poem world they seem inpossible
questions thta i need answered felling that i want to go away
i place in my heart that i know is safe that no one can take
but even in my poem world i can go insane...! !

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