My World (Children)

In my dream, all the oceans are chocolate
that I sail in my gummy bear boat.
The mountain, there, is a chocolate cake
with waterfalls to root beer floats.

Bubble gum berries grow wild here and there.
Tall pretzels are telephone poles.
Potato chips fall like crisp autumn leaves
that I gather in sugar cone bowls.

In my garden, the trees all grow jelly beans
with every color they make, except black.
The leaves on the flowers are little green spoons
'cause the flowers bloom jello cup snacks.

When it rains, the puddles are lemonade
and I swallow sweet drops from the sky.
In the winter, it always snows popcorn
so I make popcorn men seven feet high.

Chocolate chip cookies are stepping stones
under soft cotton candy pink clouds.
The sidewalks are made of red licorice sticks.
It all tastes just as good as it sounds.

If my world could be like my dream,
what an exciting place it would make -
to have all of my favorites everywhere,
but never a bad tummy ache.

by C.J. Heck

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