WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

My World Complete

She is the sun
She is my heaven
She is the moon
She is a cup of tea at noon
She taught the birds to fly
She is the blue sky
She is a striking vision
She is my woman

She brings life through birth
She is the very earth
She is the breeze
She puts my mind at ease
She is hotter than Hell's fire
She is all I require
She is a blessing in disguise
She adores me and I likewise

She is like freshly baked cookies
She tastes as sweet as cherry candies
She is my strawberry Parfait
She is ice tea on a hot day
She is chocolate-caramel ice cream all right
She is a mocha latte cinnamon delight
She is more satisfying than any honeydew
She is the best thing on the menu

She brightens up the darkest allies
She is the hills and the valleys
She can calm the roaring seas
She is filled with infinite possibilities
She is more than delightful
She is truly wonderful
She brought me out of the worse
She is my life, my universe

She is laughter
She is joy ever after
She is a magnificent story
She is my morning glory
She chased away the pain
She brought the sunshine from rain
She makes every moment worthy of repeating
She is my joy, my world complete

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