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One Step At A Time

one step at a time
I spend every precious instant in my shoes
one smile at a time
I treasure life in my pockets

every time I depart
I turn back and gaze to the place that I leave
I check with respect
that on my goodbye all is well

If I had enough stones I would build a bridge
between the must be and the could be
but under my feet I only have blue clay of these hills where I belong
hills in the periphery of the world where once there was a sea

maybe that's why
I hear the song, the symphony of the deepest abyss on my skin and in my

step by step
I consume the shoes of time
one tear at a time
I nourish the land and wait for the harvest to come

sometimes I feel that perhaps of this long journey
I deserve not even one step
yet here I am
the sky still wants my uncertain search for the unbound
and then I think
come on!
one more step
one at the time
the sea is right there beyond this hill of anguish that carry inside
come on
one more step
just one step at the time
and come what may
by these desolate suburban trails

Marco Bo

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Poetry will never betray you. Keep it and it shall keep you ture. every time the world crashes down- you have a new line, stanze to rebuild, recover, reclaim, redeem.