As A Matter Of Sustenance

as a matter of survival
the last bite of the chocolate
tongue need not be
delicious to the tongue.
you let it roll inside your
mouth, let the tongue relish
it a bit, till it melts there.
this is senselessly
numbing, such sweet
taste of life, and then
this emptiness of the
mouth, needing a fill
for a glassful of water.
this is senseless,
there is no more meaning
for the filling up and the
emptying, except the hands
that keep on running and
running meaningfully on
the keys, listening merely
to the sound of words,
and nothing more, there
is this senseless search
for an understanding this
logicality, this madness
for reason, the heart aches
in shame, unable to accept
the ease of an explanation.
let it be, let the eyes shed
tears, let the flesh tremble,
till darkness comes, till the
silence of the stars.


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Powerful and womb deep expression...Impressive beyond superior
Awesome I like this poem, check mine oit