You Are An Enigma

Since I met you
And every time I see you
And the more time I spend with you
I have more questions than answers
I wonder who you are

You are warm and close and receptive and listening and participating
You are expressing and insisting and taking positions and making choices
You are happy and delighted and contented and satisfied
You are confident and powerful and strong and arrogant
You are out to get the world and to conquer it if you may
You have plans and strategies and ideas and programs
You are independent and leading and deciding and carrying
You are planning and executing and following and monitoring
You are forcing and pushing and moving and pacing
You are God’s wrath for anyone who dares to come in your way
You are an icon, a magic, a touchstone, a myth
I wonder what you are

You are lovely and charming and dazzling and lavishing
You are friendly and understanding and generous and giving
You are sharing and caring and feeling and sensing
You are fiddling and fuddling and rousing and intoxicating
You are passionate and fussy and intense and emotional
You are a feast to look at, a treat to talk to and a jewel to behold
You are a breeze of fresh air and a whiff of heavenly perfume
You are a colorful bird high up in the sky
You are God’s gift on this earth
You have been sent to spread you light and your love and your warmth to our lot
You have been sent down to lift up our spirits
You are the true meaning of your name, the giver of crowns and kingdoms
Who is, and who is not
I wonder where you are
You are quiet and withdrawn and isolated
You are pale and numb and cold
You are unsure and uncertain and tentative
You are detached and aloof and emotionless
You are absent and blank and lost
You are closed and tight lipped and shrouded
You refuse to talk, pretend not to listen and choose not to respond
You look without recognizing, hear without registering and sense without perceiving
You are unconcerned and unresponsive and unapproachable
You do not let anything reach you and touch you
I wonder how you are

You are all this and more
You are wonderful, cheerful, beautiful, graceful, sunny, lovely, open, liberal, forthcoming, courageous, straightforward, daring, doing, dark, silent, closed, unmoved, avoiding, cautious, suspecting, unsure and unattached

I respect you to the highest limit
I adore you to the strongest degree
I live with the eternal fear of losing you
I don’t know why you are, the way you are

I pray that you always be the God’s gift that you actually are
I pray that you be the ‘Huma’ that you are meant to be
I pray that you always live in bliss and happiness and peace and content and love
I pray that you may never be overwhelmed by grief, loss, defeat, retreat, rejection, sadness, loneliness, and tiredness
I pray that you always stay healthy and lovely and energetic and active
I pray that you always achieve your goals, get everyone’s respect and attention, persist against odds and prevail upon your opponents
I pray that you live long and live strong and live happy and live fulfilled

I pray that sometime in my lifetime
I may know who you are

by Asrar Qureshi

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Powerful and womb deep expression...Impressive beyond superior
Awesome I like this poem, check mine oit