My World, My War

Poem By Heather Menzies

The world i know and love is different from what you all know. My world isn't round, my world isn't in the sky. My world is in my heart, my world is you in my life. My world is what keeps me alive and what keeps me hanging on. It keeps me strong, it keeps me sain. Without my world, I'd die.

My world does have struggles, my world does have fights. Wars against your world and people from you lifes. Wars that come back to back after the last has been won. Wars that get worse and worse each time they come around but this new one now i know shall be the worst. This war will bring everything down to the line.

The enemy is near, back from a journey from afar. Their ammo is full and they will put up a fight. No, these wars are not fought with guns and knifes, but with words and actions, ones that i can't not comply to at this time. Their words peirce deep, hard into the emotional soul, actions of lust being fullfilled by the craving soul.

The world that you all know has never seen a war such as this. You all fight for land and glory. In my world, we fight for love. This fight is tougher then yours. The battles linger on and on, the past will determine who will fight and how the effects will scar. You've never in you life seen a struggle soo hard as the one I life in in my world.

Why don't i leave this world and go back to yours? I can't. This battle will keep going on and on i know this for sure, but i will not give up. I will over come, both you and I. I can't not leave this world for one reason, and that reason is love.

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