My World Of Evil And Pain......

This world is coming to an end,
And so am I I'm just not fit for this world.
My heart is breaking apart.
But this is just the start, it is the end.
So come with me, come join if you feel the same pain as me,
You will follow, you will see.
Were the clang, the group.
Of pain, of hurt.
Your my friend, and I'm yours.
Don't worry it won't occur.
To me.
That no pain will come, or thy will be done.
I want you to follow me in the fire.
Because pain and hurt, hurts more than fire, more than being stabbed, than shot.
So we won't feel a thing.
If we fall we won't feel.
If we die, we won't feel.
I guess that's just how life is.
Hell is our friend, heaven is our rival.
What is said is not thought of, what is though of is not said.
But angels are dying in my head.
Filled with davils, yes the devil.
Our father the one who took over pain, took over us, we are now to worship him in his name.
Our cold blooded hearts that was stabbed by his spheare.
And the burning feel of my damned running tear.
My soul is gone, and my insides are dust.
That's how my life feels but that's only because,
I wasn't meant to be, we weren't meant to be,
Did we really deserve all of this this pain that is filled up inside,
All my life was all but a lie.
So many illusions are running through my brain, just like a fusion going through my veins, .
Trust we cannot receive.
Love we cannot give.
Hate we can get.
But I wish so bad that this life I can all forget

by luisa sanchez

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