My Yahweh's Praises(An Alexandrine)

The earth speaks of your discerning and stern glory:
Speaking the language human couldn't comprehend:
The wind telling the leafs to go on pilgrimage,
The leafs in turn taking picnic on the tried earth.

The waves flee at the pronouncement of your great name:
even that name that breaks through every generations.
Like the calf does everest flee at your presence,
Afraid of the entourages preceeding you.

The wind howl at your order speaking through his nose.
All nature tells the beauty of your holiness.
Fishes, trees, ridges, reefs, sheol and the pompous sea.
All adhere to the laws of your soveriegnty.

Say along with me, all breath, my Yahweh's praises.
18: 01: 02: 14: 22

by Adeyemi Joshua

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