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My Young Lady..
HAJ (21 may 1965 / kuwait)

My Young Lady..

please allow me to call you, my young lady..
my lady..
cause of you i knew a love..
cause of you knew a honesty..
since i saw you,
i loved a love and whom in love..
since i saw you, i become anther new one..
become a person, didn`t knew any one,
just you....
my young lady...
you gave me a nice meaning to this life..
gave me a reason to live in this life...
this life, which i see only you..
you are the true love, which i knew and loved..
loved that life, just cause of you
and cause of your witch eyes..
your eyes, , which, , , ,
when i looked at them, i go mad and lose mind,
in a stranger world..
a world you owned, and companion with it, ,

my young lady..
please forgive me what i am talking about, ,
but this is the true..
the true which i belive in it, and want you too..
i want you to belive, that i didn`t love any one,
except you...
and, ,
i don`t love you merely, i melt in your love too..
my lady...
i wish that i can live with you for ever...
this is my only wish, which i want it to become true, , , ,
so, ,
would you like to share me this craving...? ? ? ? ?

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