MA (March 27,1951 / India)

*my Young Teacher

Anika awakens the child in me,
I watch her, as she fetches her toys
And shows off with pride and glee
With her, I don’t have to act poised.

I know, she is actually aware,
Whether am really having fun
Or just pretending to be there.
She never walks, always runs.

Chasing the butterflies and bees
With her frock flying in the air,
I run after her to ensure and see
She may not fall but she couldn’t care.

She dances with sheer abandon,
She hasn’t yet discovered fear.
Her infectious joy fills me with sudden
Energy, I boldly invite her and declare,

Come on let’s play hide and seek.
I call out and just pretend to look all over
I can see her, from behind the bush stealthily peak
Finally catch her, as she bursts in peels of laughter.

Why the child in me had slept for so long?
I guess we are too busy chasing our dreams
And forget to enjoy small pleasures as we go along,
Each mile stone drives us to go full steam,

We go on increasing our pace,
And slowly become sombre and tense.
A smile is replaced by a grimace,
And become adept at keeping the pretence.

She has taught me how to enjoy and be free,
Drool at the sight of a strawberry ice cream
And clap and shout licking it full of glee,
As if eating it was like fulfilling a long lost dream.

I have no clue how long I was lost in reverie,
I was suddenly embraced in a warm hug
She had noiselessly come behind me.
Who needs an anti anxiety drug,

Once you discover the child in you lying latent
And connect with innate sense of joy and pleasure
It is a gift given to the grand parents
By a grandchild, for ever to treasure.

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Comments (6)

Lovely...grand daughter, grand mother & this poem. 'She hasn’t yet discovered fear.'.............. I wish she never does! Ranjit
mamtaji, child is the father of man! innocence and serenity ah! flooding everywhere...
We can learn so much from the fresh and open thoughts of a child. They are so honest and exciting. Great poem, Mamta! A '10! ' Warm Wishes, Marilyn
a fine composition indeed! joyfull......flow of verse.....chosen words I liked.......10++++
fantastic, Mamta; be a child and you'll always hear the sound of the rain on the roof and you'll enjoy the music of its beat
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