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Myanmar Cyclone Victim (5) Psychologically -Traumatised.

Psycho-traumas occur among Cyclone refugees.
3 types of mental injury I could see.

One is extreme anger and violence,
bursting like a gun powder keg,
shouting loud and mad,
making the rescuers hurt and sad.

Two is repeated saying of tragic stories,
full of many questions of ' why me, why me? '
triggering the listener's heart to pour out the sympathy,
their eyes misty and teary,
their voices choked with pity.

Three is absolutely withdrawn and go into silence,
with their mind empty and blank,
refusing to eat or drink,
even their lives at the brink,
They would rather wish to die,
because they have no more tears left to cry.

They feel as an abandoned child,
They have no answer for a question 'Why'
By the great disaster, they were stricken,
as if God had forgotten and foresaken.

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