GH (April 24th / Penzance England)

Mylor In Summer Before Winter

June day with a bright yellow sun
Landscape fresh and ready for fun
The river’s calm deep and green
Loves in the air I feel like a teen
We’re holding hands you and me
Surprise in store wait and see

Youthful leaves dapple the light
Canopy of green blocks sky from sight
The road winds away rivers in view
Inlets and creeks more than a few
Looking left I see your face
Calm and serene a happy place

Your hair is long and natural fair
Swept aside can’t help but stare
Read my mind I have to know
Will our love last and grow
I guess this place is new to you
It’s known to me and just a few

A seaward journey the boat propels
Away from land and earthy smells
Salt and spray lashes the prow
Rainbow trailers chase us now
Strong hands the tiller holds
A sailing hero to her unfolds

Heading north in gentle swell
An island sought to weave a spell
The secret place will soon reveal
My love for you and how I feel
Land is here it’s firmness greets
The engine’s heart no longer beats

Silence wraps our spirit sure
I hold you tight I’m wanting more
In daylight mood our clothes alight
On naked breasts the sun shines bright
Diving deep neath river swerl
My water baby’s a pisces girl

A dolphin seen before my eyes
In freezing water sun belies
Clamber back on wooden bench
Rocking boat as muscles clench
My want of you is manifest
The boats our bed for union blest

Daylight mellows as we kiss
Must set sail or tide be missed
Tiller’s your’s this time round
You guide us home safe and sound
The river holds a true romance
I love you so my heart strings dance

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