What do you do when you have made a mistake?
And when the person you have wronged thinks you are a fake,
Even though everything you do is for their sake.
Tell me what is the take,
When everything you do or say to them is like a water dropp in a lake.

Do you rid them of the worry,
By saying you are sorry,
Or faking a story,
How do you salvage this feeling?
Do you go kneeling?
Or do you go begging?

What do you do when everything else in life looses purpose?
And all is left of you is an emotional carcass,
Incapable of feeling,
Because your sentimental flesh is peeling,

I wish I could relieve,
If only apportion of the pain I caused,
So that I could once again believe,
In this wonderful cause

But how far do I have to stretch,
When you are so far,
Should I make a sketch?
A sketch of you in my mind,
To always have you closer to me.

by Peter Gumbo

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