Myriad Of Mighty Warriors

A myriad of mighty men, frenzied by emotion,
traveled a treacherous journey across the salty ocean.
The weary waters carried them, deliverance was nigh.
Their memories, strong in vision, were in great supply.
Emerging with blood-thirsty lust, this earthbound clan of man,
drank in the deep desire of freedom, destiny at hand.
Hearts pounding with their expectations,
each pensioner consumed with verve,
imprisoned by their fervent dreaming, bewailed a battle cry of nerve.
Their plans and careful scheming for this instant space of time,
their plight, now tangible could prove them, victorious, sublime.
Released from their dark prison cells, freed hostages with ironclad wills,
no longer constricted with choking capture,
each man's heart overflowing with rapture,
briefly shone a golden warmth as their feet hit solid land;
they had come to conquer freedom against their fellow man.
They looked upon their enemy, once seen through malevolent eyes,
their bitter adversary, of which they should despise,
and saw them in a different light, now at the journey's end.
Their battle cry, now changed in tone, inspired them to be friends.

by Christine K. Trease

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