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Myself, that word scared me,
I hate myself like nothing else,
I used to be something I want to be,
But living in this world is hard to be free,
So I lose everything there is I used to be,
Now Im nothing and something I don't want to be.

I feel soo invisible,
And feel like no one wants to look at me,
But when I walk into my class room at school,
Everyone stares,
Giving me evils,
Like I dont belong there.

Date: Sunday 25th April 2009

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an amazing and deep write u got here..the expressions are just perfect for the poem..u amazing
Hmmmm....that's a lot of advice going around for you. In my case, do nothing. Well, you might want to stare back at those staring at you. OK, you might want to ignore them. Why don't you smile back sweetly at the onlookers? Too exasperating? I told you in the nothing! ! Young lady, this is all about growing grow up! ! ! But I enjoyed your poem. Did remind me of my anonymous boyhood. Ah, fond memories! Cheers. Subroto
Babes don't borrow someone else's spectacles to view urself with...U r God's unique gift to the world n u r beautiful n free...u r a born talent....keep flowing...there r many beautiful moments yet to come...keep the faith in God...! Take care...God Bless U: -) N yes sleep tight coz God is watchin over n no nightmares can harm u...! !
Hey! ! , , , , , Your poem is indeed very nice :) , , , read ur other two poems too.. :) and something more i wanna say. as you are a youngster(like me!) so at this peak of time its becomes hard to beleive on things because we get so many bad experiencs that make us feel that this world is full of fake people around. Try to write Something More Positive And More Energy Boosting. I am sure if u will try you will surely succeed. Need Not To feel so very negative. obviously we experience things which we find hard to handle but then in the end its just that have to make it thorugh, , , , we have to get out of things instead of thinking abt them each and every time. Will wait from some more Positive and Energy Boosyting thoughts of ur's, , , :)
Hey! This is a really good poem. We all go through that stage at some point or another and after such an experience you know who you are and who you ant to be. That's how i came to the stage where i could say ' hey, this is me. like me or not, who cares, but accept me for the person i am.' Perhaps you could read my poem, 'here i am, this is me' All the best N.N.
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