MW (09-09-89 / newark)

Myself Inside

I'll be honest
I really am afraid to be alone
It's times like this
When i stop and think
And at that point i have no control
I'm a prisoner inside myself
And i hate it
I hate not remembering what i've done
But at the same time remembering
Will only make things worse
I'd rather forget how i've hurt others
I can't believe what i've become
And i've let it happen
Sure i could blame it on someone else
But the truth of the matter is that
I've done this to myself
I've known for quite sometime now
That something just wasn't right
But i've been to afraid to ask for help
I'm just so used to being told to deal with it
That, that just kind of stuck
But now that i've asked for help
It's so far away
And i can't do this anymore
I cannot forget
The regret that i live with everyday
And the thing that i was living for
Has been taken away for the last time
I'm done playing games
I gave my heart one to many times
And people decided to tear it in two
I can't ignore this anymore
It's gone on for far to long
Today is the day that i make my great escape
Today i make the decision to end all my pain
I'm ready to do something about this
I can't go on day to daywondering
If it's life or death
So for now i'll make my final goodbyes
And cut myself to watch it bleed one last time

by misty wright

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Uhhhhhhhhhh Wow. Don't. We need you to carry on writing poems like this. mind you, read my one abaot this sorta thing, maybey it will change your mind...very cool poem. scary to read, but, really good.