~ Myspace Fan ~

When times are hard I run away to hide
No more will I sit back and let things ride
I will speak my mind
No more will I be kind
I will never fall in love again to be hurt or to be played
I will never sit back and ack like everything is okay
I let you took my heart and do whatever you wanted
Now it's my turn and I'm never again gonna let you take my love for granted
Trust is a big issue between you and I
When s+_t hit the fan I see how you fly
You want to be like me and that I can understand
When I look on your myspace I am your biggest myspace fan

I see how you envy me, I love it I really do
Everything you got about me on myspace is not really all true
I get it, I really understand
That I Melissa Haynes is your biggest myspace fan

Like an artist I am going to thank you
Without you all my dreams wouldn't be able to come true
I need someone there to tell me I am never going to make it
So yeah when I see you in the street I will smile and fake it
Like a real b+++h I will be honest with you
So no need for me not to tell you the truth
I don't know if you will read all of my thank you letter
It show as hell made me feel a whole lot better
After I'm done I'm gonna look at your page and laugh
Yeah I know my head bad
Look at it on the bright side you got your point across that everybody understands
My point that I'm making to you is that I'm your biggest myspace fan

by Hello World

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