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Poem By Sandra Feldman

So many Mysteries,
Our lives are like dark caves,
From time to time,
There is a spark,
That lets us see some light,
But more than once,
Our quivering minds,
Just transit in the dark,
And once again, in search of Light,
Our journey has to start.

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Comments (4)

A brief and precise view of life's central problem! Well said!
Sometimes with that loss of the one light means we may just need to search before finding our way back to it and find it was right all along. Illumination is a difficult thing to truly find and achieve. Magnificent as always Sandra.
And now for the poem. MYSTERY is a wonderful word with so many meanings, sub-meanings, down and further down, it is a word to excavate for the treasures which surround it just like the buried treasure in a pirate tale. Your opening resembles Plato's Myth of the Cave with humanity thinking its narrow view of Truth is the whole truth. Realizing the bulk of the truth is still out there to be discovered launches yet another QUEST. That is the theme I am alive to, and it is the reason why this poem carrying my name speaks to me. And will continue to because there is no end to this JOURNEY, QUEST, MISSION.
Oh, Sandra, I am in accord with your dedication. It pleases me, it honors me. These words are too small to express my gratitude! A deep thinker as well a poet is a double blessing from you. I really like the tradition of dedication. It is a gift completely outside any monetary/materialistic situation. Only feelings... those deep, abiding, spontaneous expressions of the Inner Self are involved. And feelings are a parallel to the elusive lights in the poem. They brighten our days with colleagues and friends, they light up what's there in the dark night.