The mystery of you
Is mystery enough
Will it be solved soon?
What is all this stuff?

This stuff that's inside you
Inside me, Inside life
Why does it hinder
The end of my strife?

Why do I love you?
Why do I cry?
Why do I bury
The hurt that's inside?

Why do you hide?
Where do you go
When you stare off in space?
Will I ever know?

Let me inside
Let me understand
I'm begging you, please
Let me hold your hand

Let me be the one
In whom you trust all your secrets
Open up to me
Share all your regrets

I don't know what to say
I don't know what to ask
Tell me the things
Of your deep, dark past

Let me help you
Get over her, over them
Let me bring the peace you deserve
For ages without end

I want to be with you forever
But do you want the same?
Am I standing in a field
Or am I in a cave?

All these questions
Never answered
I'll fly away
Just like a bird

The mystery of you
Is mystery enough
Ever burning, brighter, higher
Will, the flame, you snuff?

by Christina Kosemund

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the mystery pf you is mystery enough. nice thoughts nice writing along with life is a mystery