(August 4th,1926 / New York City)


One of nature’s mysteries
That’s always made me wonder
It’s never been made plain to me
Why lightning precedes thunder

Isn’t it a wonder-ment
That flowers bloom at all
Why, when drinking grapes ferment
Shorties think they’re ten feet tall?

Could it be just pie in the sky
That the moon affects the ocean
Or are we all perhaps pie-eyed
For accepting such a notion?

Who can explain the whirl of our globe
What makes it twirl round and round?
Who understands the light of a strobe
Or why muscles get muscle-bound?

How do computers seem to know
Those things we can not reckon?
How do reindeer antlers grow
To help the deer, doe beckon?

These quandaries have me all hoodwinked
I’m aching so to solve them
I wonder if a real good-think
Could ever help resolve them

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Yeah Stan, even if we never find the answers to all of life's mysteries, we'll never stop trying.I suppose that's what sets us apart from all other creatures. Isn't it fun just learning something new just the same?