Mysteries Of Life

We all know that we live in a mysterious world
There are too many questions and problems
While there are very few answers and solutions
Let us begin by examining our own bodies
Why are human fingers not equal?
Look at the lines on your right and left palm
You notice the difference on both palms
No two people have same lines on their palms
Even twins born on the same day
Have different lines on their palms
Have you ever wondered if these lines
On your palms have any meaning at all?
These lines on your right and left palms
Are not there by accident or by chance
These palm lines are there by design
And they are permanent and very fixed
In order to fully understand the universe
We must understand the mysteries of human body
You wonder why some are super-rich
And question why many are super-poor?
What factors determine our status in life?
Does it have anything to do with the stars above?
Or when and where we were born?
You wonder why there are very few leaders
And question why there are so many followers!
Many ask - Are leaders born or made?
Why do we like some people at first sight?
And distrust others at first meeting?
Answers to all the above will
Enhance human understanding a great deal.

by Julius Babarinsa

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