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Mysterious Eyes

Oh, you're so tender
So sweet, so nice
You're heart's so pure!
It's never known vice

Oh and you! You're so sweet
You worship the air I breathe
Practically kiss my feet
You treat me like a queen

And you? Yes you're so talented
Such a wondeful friend!
You are so full of smiles
And lots of compliments

You're all just so wonderful!
So sweet, such great guys!
So why don't I see my future
In YOUR eyes?

No mysetery there.
You're so full of love for me
You inhale my presence
Oh how you love me

But he? Oh he! So dang MEAN!
Couldn't care less if I got torn apart
But his mysterious anger
Is the key to my heart

He won't ever love me, but he
Loves to see me cry
But this broken masterpiece
Is the one I want MINE!

I want to know everything
About this lovely terrible boy
But his eyes, so VACANT...
Just like a toy...

'he's no good for you' Thats what I'm told
'He's a player, ' is what they say
Why do I get so lost in his eyes
When he hates me in every single way

At the last minute
I'd almost had enough of him
Then in some way
He's say he needs me again

I like HIM more than any of the rest
But I dont get WHY... he's a wretched
Horrible, mean, angry boy, so why
Do I want him, when he doesnt deserve it

I'm a good girl, got a lot of good guys
So why do I crave >his< mysterious eyes
Drawing me in, time after time
With his wicked laugh and his lies

I've never liked
The 'bad boy' type
But THIS guys got
Mysterious eyes

by Gabriella Franco

Comments (2)

i like. my aunty always said that you can tell who a person is by there eyes. aparently im kind eyed, yet vague =/. oh well. anyway... i really like this! philx
watta a wonderful way to express a magical thing found in someone's eyes... great job garbriella... bty, i like the last paragraph.. it also applies to me.. (wink, wink)