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Yesterday I met a man
Gurl full of sin and a sight to behold and let me tell you
He was worth his weight in gold
When he came to me he spoke honeyed words
And secret eyes and sexy smiles full of lies
It was as if I was a flower and he was a bee
The attraction was paramount sparking
Dangerous and you know how I love to play with fire
When he touched me the flames began to lick at my skin the heat in his eyes threatened to consume me
The passion blooming in me from within
Mmmhm! This man made me want to live in sin
This golden mahogany Adonis
This gift to women
When his lips brushed above my fast beating pulse I could feel his whispers melting in my ear
Like sensuous chocolate running down my neck and further down my body
He made me beg to lose all pride
But gurl I would have done anything just to have him inside
When he tasted me my toes curled
It was then I saw the world
Heaven opened up and swallowed me whole
It was an experience to behold
The way he made me touch the stars and flirt with the skies
I was swimming in his honeyed river of lies
A quick moment of pain
A lifetime to live it over again
When he finally entered me I stopped breathing
It was as if the earth went still with just the bending of his will…onto me
I came full circle was made complete
The excitement illuminated from behind my eyelids as I exploded
Together in a moment of ecstasy we were one
Made my spine arch for more and I knew what he had in store
At least I thought he did
His body had fit my like a silken ebony glove
Caramel flush over cocoa
Riding the waves of intense lust
Reaching that pinnacle one more time
I opened my eyes to find
Him walking away
Smiling that secret smile which told of more and those eyes full of honeyed lies
I watched him walk away
Spine straight and hands shakin
Would it be bad if I told him I was fakin?

by Jasmine Brinkley

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