Mystery Cemetery

The Mystery Cemetery
The sunset over the hill
Beyond the far part of town
In the midst of bare trees
the grass and shrubs
Stories and whispers are heard
in this the austere old cemetery
Of the long passed times
of people became their homes
the final resting place
of roaming souls
of contending souls
and of tormented ones
of people who lived long life
and others their lives were cut short
of happy lives
and lives of sadness and pain
Near narrow water stream
One hears the chuckles of joy
echoes with rumbling rocks
of live of beauty and romance
of peace and longevity
mixed with sadness tones
of love that did not last
and ended before it flourished
The voices of cries behind the hill
of people who died tragically
Like screeching halt
of sad event
The sound of car crash and bang
and those in extreme agony
not far away
and scene of brownish stones
and angry red flowers
weeping for murdered ones
the thrones are studded on the stems
peace have finally came for
the long being ill and suffering pain
The cemetery are huddling mystery
for many people whose story
short and long and never known
At the middle of the night
the stars are dancing and gazing
at this old cemetery and
the howling wind
gives eerie feeling
and feel of chill
as the dawn light cracks
the pitch darkness
hanging over the cemetery
the nightmare ends
and all quite and the
tormented cemetery
sleeps all once again

by Sherif Monem

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A poem with joy and sadness has been touchingly expressed through a cemetery. Beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing.