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Mystery Flowers

How many of you can name this flower?
You don't need any special power.
Don't tax your brain; it's not that hard.
Rumor has it there's a reward.
Always try the best that you can.
Never give up your master plan.
Give some of these to those you love.
Expect no help from up above.
Almost your time has slipped away
So name them now. What do you say?

by Kim Barney

Comments (12)

Yes, yes, hydrangea! Of course, that's what I meant to say when I said hibiscus. I have hibiscus in my yard and they look totally different. I did not pick up on the acrostic! Very clever, Kim.
I'm wondering if the correct answer to the question is zero. The question reads how many of you can name this flower So far none of us... Maybe that's the answer?
Hydrangea? .
It looks so darn familiar. I hope someone guesses correctly soon
I'm gonna say hydrangea. There fairly common in landscaping around here and I believe I planted some half dozen for my brother in laws parents a few years back. Half were pinkish blossoms the others were blue with a hit of yellow
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