Mystery Of A Womans Heart

Poem By Briana Quinn

The mystery of a woman’s heart is ever changing and complicated
In the moment you think she’ll walk away – you’ll find she’s waited
Surviving in a world of worry and fear of your confession
Confident your relationship will spiral into a state or regression
The depths of her heart will surprise you with a smile of forgiveness
Guilt will burden you and relief will hold you helpless
Yet, when you cut her a look, know that it is her heart that will bleed
As it is through you that she lives, eats and breathes
Her temper deeply embedded and subdued; but only for you
Please don’t break her trust because to forget is difficult for her to do
She’ll put her heart into everything she does because there’s no other way
And all that’s expected in return is gratitude and appreciation without delay
The mystery of a woman’s heart runs deeper than the character you hold
Higher than the feelings of love in a relationship before it grows old
Your embrace will suffice her for eternity and your kiss, she will forever taste
Through good and bad, she’s a living rock of loyalty without hesitation or waste
Her existence is only relevant to her because of those she loves
To have her heart broken is a devastation that no living man could judge
With a heart so warm and unrestrained, it lights up her very soul
And yet the love that floods within it can turn her into someone you don’t know
So, the next time you see the woman who has hold of your heart
Remember, you don’t quite know her yet but you’ve got a good start
Five years from now, you’ll have an idea of the depth of her and the love she has
And then she will evolve once again, into a new revelation with a heart built to last
Never will he understand the centricities of her heart or the grace of her love
As she, herself, is often shocked by the flower that blooms from her bud.

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