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Mystery Of Attraction (A Sonnet)
HC (29 January 1947 / New York, NY)

Mystery Of Attraction (A Sonnet)

Poem By Hugh Cobb

At times, 'specially on long wintry nights, I ponder the mystery of attraction
& how two souls, like you & me, had bonded in spite of all
that would seem to spin us off into orbits all our own.
Yet this paradox is given the lie each time we converse by phone.
It happens nearly every night, as one of us will call
the other to discuss our lives, our problems & major distraction.

Surely there's something deep & real holding us in captive revolution.
I struggle to comprehend this force, 'gainst which my will is void.
For I cannot help but love you, in spite of hectoring sense;
& logic alone cannot serve me here: all adrift & full of suspense.
Mystery's unsolv'd with answer no nearer (though all my logic's employed)
In searching the truth of you & me (in itself a convolution

which can only be solv'd by looking within to grasp the whole not a part.)
The sum of which can only be glimps'd through the opaque lens of the heart.

(Copyright 11/25/2005)

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Comments (3)

Marvellous poem. SOnnets are the most dificult of all poems to write and here you have succeeded magnificently, Gershon
Ah yes, love has nothing to do with logic, does it? This is really lovely. Raynette
Lovely and romantic, Hugh. There's something magic about a man saying, 'I cannot help but love you...' Ahhh, romance... My warmest regards, CJ