Mystery Of Life

Mystery of Life
What is life?
Life is a mystery
We do not comprehend
and we may never will
for our existence depended on it
We are more eager to know
when life began?
How long ago?
History never tells
we can study and dabble
to find the ever elusive answer
a jewel in the deep sea
a precious stone in the vast desert
We may never find?
When life began
Before history was ever written
Before Adam and Eve legends
Before the lush gardens with fruits and trees
Ages and ages ago
It was wilderness and gloom
Desolate, sad and there was no life
Life began in the deep oceans or in land
There come the shrubs and bushes
Good news after so long
The animals and beasts arrived
The fish of all sorts
In oceans, lakes and rivers
The birds roaming the sky
How proud we humans?
We are here
Celebrating our triumphal spectacular journey
with all vanity and pride

by Sherif Monem

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