Mystic Music.-Written After Attending A Concert Of Sufi Music

The dohl beats softly
The nay lets flow a plaintive sound
Gentle strains of sarangi
Accompany the voices
That sing in praise of the divine.

Slowly, meditatively at first
The tempo marks the journey of the soul.
The beat weaves an intricate fugue.
Rhapsodic, relentlessly
The music speeds, transports.
Singers gyrate in ecstasy.

'O Hafis, O Rumi, O Khusrao,
As I sing thy words
Fill me with thy spirit
That I may be led to find
That state of bliss where I am whole
In perfect union with my beloved.'
They sing-

While the dancers
Spin within the greater circle
Round and round, faster and faster
Until-euphoric they fall
In exultation.

The singers declaim
'I see the truth
I am one with my beloved.
He courses through my veins.'

by Margery Rehman

Comments (2)

Love the pace of this piece and its slow crescendo and accelerando from a meditative first stanza to the ecstatic bliss of the final collapse. You have certainly captured the spiritual power of the sufi dancers and the addictive pulse of their music. Mystic Music indeed! love, Allie xxxx
WOW! Wonderful imagery here, Margery, like I was actually watching from the audience. I suppose you couldn't help but get caught up in the moment? Ah, sweet Nirvana! Linda :)