Mystic Song

The song of heart - no 3

- -Mystic song- -

A flower hast blossomed in the
Yard of my mind,
The flower that effuses it's redolence.
So full is the fragrance that it brings pain
Unbearably renewed.
It blossomed without root and chaotic became
My mind as a bee is drawn to somnolence.

The rootless flower uprooted me,
as if a thousand flowers art condensed to single drop.
A flow of immense pleasure, wordless bliss,
Seized my scholarly mindand I am lost in thee.
A passage seems utterly in order to open in
the very being of mine, muse to eavesdrop.
Words drop as silence and darkness profound
Vent way to light.
My mind is a sphare spherical to mirror the
Treatise of mystic beyond mind and I evaporate.

by Prabir Gayen

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