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Mystic Steffy By /\/ J

Echoes of a lightning star, ‘legends on hills’
Drizzling, is it sun-drenched? I’m baffled
Loner, like the sound of a colossal mince
And my world is pastel, and I’m a creep
When I cry, please don’t nod down
Had a companion once, in this hill
Had a good time, in a cold month
His words, ‘Darling, let the rain fall’
I’m the girl who would like to sit
Relax while you resist upon your throne
I rise from the dashing deep blue sea
Like a girl caged, for more than a decade
Do you remember, remember me
Oh my life, I’m the relics of your past
Mystic Steffy, my name on thy heart
Mystic Steffy, my name on your mighty soul…
When he returned back from the hills,
In a cold misty dawn, where the sun didn’t fawn
Where the wind never kissed…
He couldn’t find her and he still waits for her…

by Nithin Jacob

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