Mystical Fight - 1 - The Valley

Outside, it’s the same view and hill
Deserted land from which the grass has gone,
Inside, it’s the same thirst to kill
Can’t go back to reverse what is done.
Once, I thought I had found
The secret source of eternal happiness,
Now, my feet are back on the ground
The only thing I have is a life in mess.

I’ve been out of love so many times
Forth honesty is lost in this world,
Searched for a synonym to “love” that rhymes
Never knew that sadness was the only word.
Funny how you only stumble and fall
Just when you reach the highest peak,
Funny how you continue to climb and roll
Even when you feel you are really weak.

In front of me, I saw a small sign
Standing alone on this empty road,
Written on it, there was only one line:
“Beware! Valley of Mortakrawd! ”
On my right, stretched a wonderful dell
A fairy tale land with a grace so rare,
To describe its charm, no word would tell
Too much beauty contradicting the “beware”.

On the weird sign, I put my left hand
Suddenly appeared four mystical verses,
My eyes burned into ash and sand
While I silently read the secret curses:
“One road in, but no road out
Read this and wait for the bell,
No matter if you cry, beg or shout
You are eternally trapped in HELL.”

I heard an evil laugh resonate
A bell rang so loud, it woke the dead,
Was that my unavoidable fate
Coming to get me, like the curse said?
I felt my feet walking down the hill,
The valley changed its colors to black,
In the air, grew a strange thrill
Like there were ghosts following my track.

by Rita El Khoury

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