Mystical Fowl

As dawn's light creeps up on another day,
and the crisp smell of corn fills the air;
Dew drops formed on leaves roll away,
a beautiful sunlight draws near.
He comes away form his nest of the night,
and prepares for his daily routine;
with his chest protruding out in pride,
and his cat all neat and clean.
He drawn his breath in and releases a shriek,
cock-a doodle doo, cock-a doodle doo;
he bellows to all who are fast asleep,
cock-a-doodle doo, wake up, the skies are blue.
On he goes until he is exhilarated and satisfied,
that he has completed, a job well done;
Everyone within ears reach are awakening with sleepy eyes,
a day of work, school and activity has begun.
At the end of a long and tiring day,
after hunting for food and dodging the norm;
he prepares to next himself away,
hidden and safe, happy and warm.
The Rooster, proud, determined and strong,
who took residence in the yard of a respected family;
a mystery, where had he been all along,
somewhere across the street maybe.
Just as mysteriously as he had come,
everyone believing he belonged to the next;
He has now been claimed by someone,
back to reside in his own little nest.

by Angela Roberta B. Browne

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