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Mystical Kisses
MKA (On a cozy Monday in the soft month of December / Beneath the stars)

Mystical Kisses

Leave a trail of your mystical kisses,
When I am parched by summer’s heat,
Bring your sugar-filled whispers close by.
Mark a meeting with the sun and the sky,
Lean towards me the softness from the
Morning clouds that falls like soothing
Droplets on a humid day.
Lay with me under a rainbow on an evening
Filled with tranquility,
Let your fingers tell a tale on my skin
As we hum sweet tunes within.
Reach over and pull me closer as
The scents of freshly cut grass linger,
Let your voice walk upon me as we
Are lulled by the aromas of flower petals.
Be my cover as the rain starts to fall,
Place me beneath you and carry me
Under a tree filled with luscious leaves,
Reaching down only to greet us.
Leave an enchanting mark upon my skin,
Let us lose grounds and fade with the
Sunset and end up around the moon somehow.
Secure me with a blanket of smiles
As night sets in, shower me with your
Summer warmth, forever and always.

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