Myth Reality And Progress.

Myths wonderful imaginations
Realities the great revealed truths
Both are in different sideways
And realities are evident, proved.

Mythology full of magical realism
Great imaginations of our ancestors
Ever interesting to human thoughts
Gives an opportunity for inventions.

The great civilizations and cultures
The ancient countries it nurtured
The myths on the beliefs of ancient ones
They made their presence in modern era.

The great pyramids of Egyptian culture
The big colosseum of Roman empire
The statue of colossus are part of history
Representing the realities of human might.

The ambition to fly over in the sky
To communicate the people of distance
Climbing in the heights of highest mountains
Ever people tried through their own ways.

But great events of development in world
Came through the advent of scientific theories
And discovery through technology advancement
Where mythology stands an unproven event
But not to be belittled, their imaginations..

by Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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Comments (3)

Reality the great revealed truth, myth is the guide behind this. Great work great poet. Excellent expression.
ambition to fly over in the sky, wonderful, fine piece, thanks..
Imagination is the greatest asset of the human mind. Many things imagined long back are realities today. Beautifully rendered in the poem. Thank you.