How do you live with yourself
When you know you caue me so much pain?

Is it really in your nature
To make me feel worthless; like the smallest pebble?

Is one really destinied
To become like those before them?

Or is that just a myth,
Created to instill fear in those like me?

A myth, created by elders,
To frighten those that despise who came before them.

I cry to the heavens,
And pray that this myth is just that.

A myth with no truth,
To make me believe I HAVE to be like you.

But I will NEVER be like you,
Your wretched thoughts and demands.

Burning as I hear them,
Against my skin, they are toxic.

Someday I'll leave,
And I pray you'll realize your mistakes.

I cry to the heavens,
And pray that the myth is just that.

A myth.

by xx3 mikki

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very very deep. i loved it