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Myths And Misconceptions

The tooth fairy's not real, nor is the Easter Bunny
It's your Mummy and Daddy who cough up the money
And Santa Claus with his red coat and sackful of gifts
He's just a fable, a fabrication, a myth

Now take the cigarette monster, huge and alarming
Many believe him to be, but he's actually quite charming
Once you get to know him, behind his fierce, brutish features
He's really the most amiable of creatures

But there are many who believe with an unswaying fervour
If you don't smoke a cigarette, he will commit murder
So they keep smoking constantly all through each and every day
And sadly don't realise that he just wants to play

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Comments (2)

I don't want to play, so to keep him at bay, I'll smoke my life away.
Hey, if you quit smoking, your lungs will be strong enough for some bong hits. SOrry, I couldn't resist. You bring out my sadistic side somehow, Alessandra. Do really have nothing else to write about?