Poem Hunter
(12-05-1990 / Hull)


Poem By Danny, James Archer

As I peer through the mirror
A name that has pejorated over time plays songs with my head
the blood tears stain the glass,
as rain contrasts my mood.

A song rushes the memories back,
the chorus holds the significance.
If I could forget I probably still wouldnt.
and now you pattered grin plays havok in pictures.

I look through the window to your house now.
pathetic falacy is displaced, and you never cared.
I only wanted to love you!
but my exaggerations were actually hyperbole.

You remember those 'creepy poems' I sent you,
The 'sick grin' on my face every time I saw reprisentations of you.
Your sick! how can you treat a human like you treat me.
appologise. I forgive you, I always will.

And now your muffled screams bring me joy.
I feel none of the love I once did,
only vision the red on your white carpet.
you undress me with your eyes. Dont stop that.

And now under god I stand, plee, se.
the suggestion N.G.R.I.
I dont understand the problem
is it a crime to love so passionatly you would kill for that person

'AHH! ! ! ' dont play that in my head.
The noise causes 'piccola morte.'
she lay life less yet happier than ever.
me? A killer? I weep at the reply.

Now my breath causes dispair to the population.
As it rests on the window of my place, I think of you.
and of all the times we shared.
because our love was never consumated, it was perfect!

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