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Naat (Na’t) In Punjabi
KH (27 July 1957 / Lunger Pur Baly, Jhellum, Pakistan)

Naat (Na’t) In Punjabi

Poem By Khadim Hussain

Mashriq mein ho ya Maghrib,
Shumaal ya janoob,
Akari waqt mera chera,
Khana Ka’ba val howey,
Zabaan te howey
“Ash-hadu la-ilaha ill-Allah, wa-ash hadu anna Muhammadar- Rasulu’ llah.”

Whether I am in the east or west
South or north
At the last moment my face
Should be towards Khana Kabba
And upon my lips
“There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad (pbuh) is his messenger.”

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A beautiful Naat, both in Punjabi and in English.