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Lake Winnebago... trash on shoreline
fish hooks and mountain dew cans
look at that dead fish and those flies buzzing
there's a smoke trail in the sky
next to the pirate cloud
see it?
can you see it?
feel that humidity?
do you know you are alive?

where are you now?
it's OK there is no right answer

Newton played with alchemy
Newton played with his head
Newton saw a dead fish. Hooke.
wrote a book The Principia Mathematica
rhymes with lead
said dead bled red instead fed
He was jealous
Newton was celibate

National Biscut Company

by Rcd Bck

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We honor so many who have gone before Name streets and ball parks after them; and more. So It seems so proper when considering your verse That we should honor Newton, for better or for worse. So lets raise a glass to Issac And remember with good cheer They named a Fig filled cookie after him And not some frothy beer. s
How strangely fascinating this is, somewhat stream-of-consciousness and avant garde. Don