Naked Hope

Poem By Elliot V. Kotek

She pulls off her sweatshirt
To reveal an undergarment of insecurity
A lonely stranger
Conspiring against nature’s flaws
And inconsequential failings

She crafts
Free-flowing mercury
Into mother of pearl
So that she too
Can achieve maternal eternity
An heir to uncertainty
A tree-lined gold-leafed

She springs off and often
Clings to her depression
To blanket the desperation
Evade the devastation
Which holds the hand of the barren

She asks for a prescription
And is prescribed nothing but a dose
Of another person’s morality
An alternative interpretation of reality
Not welcome at a time like this
But offered nonetheless
It cheapens her
Makes her seem whorish
Humiliates her attempts
To free herself of the burdens of doubt and
Lack of worth

She’s governed by the time
A time not in the present
But presents itself as such
To foil her grass-fed hopes and
Push that horizon back into
An unreachable recess within which
The dreams of the princess within
Are full-bodied
Glowing with expectation
Expecting life
A triumph in perpetuity
A winged messenger of nothing but the purest innocence
Found only in the being who has experienced nothing
And hence finds no thing too ‘this’ or too ‘that’

She takes off her undergarment
And liberates her flesh
Freshly exposed but not at all
A lion cub’s confidence
And that playful excitement
Pre-humous liberty
Predisposed only to

And it’s not lost on me.

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i loved every stanza

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