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*naked People

It's a community spirit.
A matter of giving
to those living

We take, with thanks also.

NO, NO, NOT money!
Nor expensive gifts.
We give and take time
and help
and respect
and conversation
and a coffee in front of a log fire.

These people.......
no fancy clothes
no pristine make-up
nor stiff hairdos.

We're naked people.

What you see is what you get.

We're a happy lot
us naked people.
Unfettered by untruths.

We say it - WE MEAN IT.

Caring and sharing.

We live in each other's skins.

We're totally naked.

by Francesca Johnson

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Comments (2)

Being a naked gal myself, I recognize the vulnerability of our nakedness...but I also know that is what attracts others to us...the fact that we are open, unclothed in ugliness, lies and anger...We are what we are...take it or leave it, aren't we? I loved this one!
A no bullshit poem about real community - where those involved have a genuine, day to day commitment to one another. We have something similar in our little hills town of Kalorama. Possibly because every summer, the bushfire threat is a common bond. I love the ordinariness of this poem - and the genuine compassion that underpins it. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥