ER (Aug 8,1918 / Teddington, England)

Naked River Spy 54 Bc

O naked river spy,
iron in your singing voice,
watching a Dover bird hovering,
rising from your skins,
acting cocoon to the shy man
stroking his brown idol,
- you have sent seven hundred black horses
plunging through the wide wheat,
punishing hooves like thunderclouds
- surely the flesh of your wonder sisters
will walk in the fort of Casivellaunus!

O naked river spy,
daughter of the high sun,
we have driven the great stakes
into our white waters,
and we sit with our magic cups,
kneeling to the dark altar in the reeds.
We will take the hearts of a hundred Romans;
you have given us honey
and the yellow arms of our lamps
will touch gold to your hair
- surely you will sleep with men after the wine!

O naked river spy,
walking with the feet of light monkeys,
with the eyes of gods on our arrows,
as they come we will kill them
like jumping deer after the rain,
sinking the helmets of the metal strangers.
Go, sleep on the moon-floor of our moor-hut
(and hasten to clean your legs on the rushes)
- your round sly face will see a tall man
- he will be as warm as a fox!

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