JAH (03/09/1974 / Danville, IL)

Naked Trees

In the wake of weakness and sorrow
Angry people laugh and stare as I cry
A shallow whisper of a wind blows a million tears
And the grey skies collapse around my blue eyes
We are the people, A million sleepers in the day
Awake, we want to know the whispered truth
or the maniacal thoughts of wilderness' happy being
We are trained in breathing emptiness afterlife
A doubley-good bubbley hub bub nubbley feel
of street corner madness and control
It is all control, you know
And tomorrow is the laughter in your head
Tonight is a daydream full of insight
Until the last man falls silent, we will be there
And we will listen, we will listen...
To the rabid dogs silent cries of everlasting fear
We will change the world, we will be the world
We will see the narrow-minded imbecile bellows
Smoke stashed in a naked tree, we will be
And another leaf will fall, only a few steps from here
We will freeze in tight bundles of nylon rope
trying to hang ourselves in a noose of fear

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