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Naked Truth
TR (1995/08/19 / limpopo)

Naked Truth

Poem By thabang ramafhi

Naked truth,

daddy please tell mommy

the naked truth.

you promised her heaven and earth,

and you gave her hell.

In her heart you dwell,

all I ask from you is to tell,

that the love you shared have fell.

Tell her the naked truth,

she sit and tries to solve the puzzle,

stuck with a bundle of life troubles,

as you and your mistress cuddle and chuckle,

at our lives struggle.

Life is a jungle,

us and mommy we will stay humble.

You vowed to love her for better or worse,

till death due you apart,

but late night you depart,

and leave us in a fright.

In the morning you return to pick up a fight,

that mommy always looses.

The neighbors' are witnesses,

of the love you share with your mistress.

The love that caused mommy stress,

and left us your kids in distress,

your new soul provider

is the lady next door.

Daddy tell mommy the naked truth,

that those late night church meetings,

we're no ordinary congregation gathering.

It was you and you mistress,

indulging each others bodies,

tell her the naked truth,

that you don't love her anymore.

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Interesting you have the mind of a great poet.
Sad truth of society....man must realize the pain their lady feels.... A women leaves her surroundings...changes herself for the pleasure of her man... But unfortunately, men forget and find other means of enjoyment... You're right men must tell.. That they do not love their lady anymore....its not less than an abuse for a lady...its like living like a dead body each moment! !