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The universe unraveled
The unthinkable thought
The unnamable named
The unimaginable imagined
The unknown planned out and preeched.

Knowledge strangling mystery
But so called mystery lacks knowledge
The believed is shoved
Life is not lived, just spoken of
How can you speak without life.

The all knowing dies
Blinding light within

To see one must not look but feel
To feel one must not search within but wait.
To understand one must be silent, still.

Darkness is the answer
Though light is where we search
What we believe
What do we believe
We are all murderers.

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So very true darling. Once again, I love it. It makes me think of how each and every person is really a murderer in some way. Most kill at least one person, emotionally, in their life time. I know I've done my share. This poem was beautifull written and simply magnificent darling. Blessed be Tatianna Rei