NJC (18/2/71 / Jaipur, india)

Our Work Days Have Been Shortened

There is so much I want to tell you.
So much I'd like to share.
So much I want us to comprehend.
But then again,
I am here.
And you are not there.

There is so much of life we can experience.
So much of it,
We could become aware.
So much of it to bring us happiness,
If you here with me appeared.

'But I am here, my darling.
I am! '

Excuse me!
What the...
I am on the phone with my 'councelor'.
Would you please leave us alone.
I am on the phone with my 'councelor'.
I thought you were at work?
When did you come home?

'Our work days have been shortened.
More days together,
Now can be condoned.'

I'll call you later,
I'm suppose to be out looking for a job!

One moment, my darling.
My dearest love.
My appetite for you,
Is ready to be shown.
One moment, my darling.
My dearest love.
I'm happy those words overheard,
Are now known.

'I can't wait,
For you to satisfy my craving! '

We 'are' undergoing a crisis.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Well penned write, I can agree the economy and layoffs are putting us in a extreme crisis. Hopefully, Obama will fix the issue.